Four books for children

Perhaps, writing books for children is a more difficult task than writing for adults. Since the children's literature in Sri Lanka has not yet been developed into a form of art itself, market is inundated with cheap literature which often misleads children and as well as parents.

At a time, such cheap thrash invading the market, launching of four books for children by Samanmalie Padmakumara is a timely step aimed at offering young readers a qualitative set of books encoded with moral message. It is evident from the clear and down to earth language that she has, over the years, developed the craft of storytelling. Unlike adults, it is very difficult to keep children engaged with the story unless the story is really interesting. The author's contribution is extremely important at a time when there is a resurgence of children's literature in the world and even in Asia. International workshops have been held on promoting children's literature and particularly the tradition of storytelling which would inculcate the habit of reading in children at a tender age.

For instance, her books titled "I Love Our Flag.. " and " Ape Kodiyata Man Adarai" not only teach children of the features of the national flag but strike a positive note on promoting ethnic harmony in children at a tender age instead of sowing the seed of hatred in them. At the end of the book, among other things, it is emphasized that the National Flag belongs to all of us and represents all.

The book 'Mahadena Mithaniyai Yeheliyan Pasdena' is perhaps, a different version of old Sinhalese folk tale. "Mamai Malai" teach children to appreciate nature. The books are marked for their apt illustrations and appealing language. Illustrations for the books are by Kumudu Tharaka , Shantha K.Herath and Sasanka Dissanayake.

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